Long Range Electric Scooters for Adults

By mojianxin

Long Range Electric Scooters for Adults

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are all kinds of electric scooters on the market and owning an electric scooter is becoming increasingly a world trend over the past decades. Not only because it is a perfect city commuting tool skipping traffic jams, but also a pioneer of environmental protection. It is noteworthy that the distance that an electric scooter can travel have been taken into consideration as an important factor when making a purchase.


Recent surveys show that more and more commuters tend to buy an electric scooter with long range due to its convenience and reliability.


Why choose long-range electric scooters?

  1. Take a longer travelling

Some e-scooter riders often encounter the issue of not having the battery power needed to complete their journey. As a result, they get stranded in the meddle of their trip and are forced to walk home pushing their e-scooters or take a taxi. Like running out of gasoline in a conventional car, riding an electric scooter that’s suddenly out of charge is no one’s idea of fun. Therefore, you need a more powerful electric scooter to travel long distances or take on additional trips based on your thoughts.


  1. Ride a reliable electric scooter

Our research team have applied the long-range electric scooters with sturdy and strong material for greater durability and a longer travel. For instance, the Teverun Fighter 11 has been equipped with 5000W dual motors, 11inch tubeless tire puncture free and aluminum alloy, which greatly contributes to its high performance and exceptional riding stability.


What Affects Electric Scooters Range?

  • scooter ridingrange is mainly dictated by Engine, Battery Capacity, Speed, and


  1. Engine

The electric motor or engine is the part responsible for converting the potential electric energy stored in the battery to mechanical energy, which is used to rotate the wheels. It largely determines e-scooters’ max speed, acceleration , gradeability, power consumption and performance. All electric scooters have at least one motor, while high performance scooters will have two, such as our E-scooter the Blade GT and Fighter series.


  1. Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is an essential factor. How long the battery will last and how much energy it can provide depend on the battery capacity. That is why a long-range electric scooter usually has a large and good-quality battery. Thanks to the high-performance 60V 35AH LG Battery, the Blade GT+ and Fighter 11+ make it easier for you to take a long ride you have never experienced before.


  1. Speed

Riding speed will have a significant influence on how far you can travel. If you want to enjoy a long-distance journey, travelling slower by finding the right speed or using a lower speed mode will prolong battery life and make max range come true.


  1. Terrain

It will take more time and work for electric scooters when riding on uneven roads, rough surfaces, or inclines. We sincerely recommend that you try to avoid uneven paths and steep inclines while riding to ensure an excellent and long trip.


The best long-range electric scooter

The electric scooter market offers abundant long-range e-scooters from different manufacturers and brands. However, our new Teverun Fighter Series features one of the longest ranges for its segment.


What is more, the Fighter Series features advanced technology and safety features and a powerful motor and battery that are a cut above most long-range e-scooters in the industry.


If you are looking for a well-rounded e-scooter that can travel long distances, the Teverun Fighter Series is strongly recommended.


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