2022 New Arrival Blade GT+:Here is Everything You Need to Know

By mojianxin

2022 New Arrival Blade GT+:Here is Everything You Need to Know

The Blade GT+ Electric Scooter is the perfect city exploring machine, which takes advantage of all the latest technology available in the e-scooter industry and still at an affordable price! With its massive 60V 28.8AH LG battery and dual 1500W motors, the Blade GT+ has outstanding performance and excellent range. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about the best Blade GT+ electric scooter in 2022.


Motor Power and Battery

The 3000w nominal motor power and 60V 28.8 AH LG battery of the Blade GT+ makes it easier to climb hills, go up steep inclines or trudge through other difficult areas. And with a top speed of 85 km/h, you can go to anywhere around you want quickly and enjoy a footloose ride.


Tires & Wheels

This model is also equipped with 11 x 3 inch pneumatic tires, which will provide incomparable ride with comfort and capability for you. Many users report that the Blade GT+ electric scooters in 2022 have excellent handling ability. This is the result of its good-quality wheels which improves ride experience and makes your ride smooth, even on steep roads.


The Blade GT+ has front and rear adjustable hydraulic suspensions, which can reduce the impact from the ground in great extent and ensure that your trip is stable, safe and comfortable.


Large Display

The Blade 10 GT+ has been equipped with an Industry-Leading 3.5'' TFT display that allows the rider to clearly know important information day or night, rain or shine. Capable of adjusting speed, power, current, gearing, and much more on the ride, the TFT display is the ultimate in display technology.

Other Advanced Function

The NFC reader and spare key lock will meet your safe protection needs in daily life. And attractive front/rear/deck LED lights can ensure you are safe and seen at night. What is more, there are nice handlebar throttle choices for you.

If that incredible list of features wasn't enough the Blade GT+ comes in at a better price than similar models and with a full 1 year front to back warranty.


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