How to prolong your electric scooter’s battery lifespan?

By mojianxin

How to prolong your electric scooter’s battery lifespan?

Nowadays, electric scooters have become one of the most popular mobility tools in daily life. Electric scooters’ routine maintenance plays a crucial role in their performance and lifespan. And lithium batteries have been now mainly used to provide power for electric scooters and are a key component impacting electric scooters’ speed and range. So it is of great importance for us to take care of our electric scooters’ battery and well maintain it. Let’s keep on reading some simple ways to extend your scooter battery life effortlessly.

  1. Avoid draining the battery

It is strongly recommended that you read the scooter manual and familiarize yourself with your scooter, especially in terms of battery capacity as well as estimated ranges. And then you can adjust your travel range and charge your electric scooter in advance based on those information, which will protect your battery level from reaching zero. In an optimal situation, you should not let your battery drop beneath 40%.

     2. Charge e-scooter battery in the right way

  • Charge e-scooter battery at the right time
  • Please do not charge your battery immediately after riding your electric scooters for a long time. That is because e-scooter battery needs at least 30 minutes to cool down and regulate its internal temperature. 
  • Do not overcharge e-scooter battery
  • Apart from avoiding draining your e-scooter battery, it is equally essential not to overcharge it. While it may be sounds very convenient to leave your e-scooter aside charging overnight, this is bad for e-scooter battery. Please follow the charging time of your particular scooter model, which has been noted in the user manual and our official website.
  • Always use the correct charger for your e-scooter model
  • More importantly, every electric scooters comes with its own dedicated charger and you are supposed to use the official charger. Using unsupported chargers may cause irreversible damage to your battery. If you want an extra charger or unfortunately lost your original charger, please feel free to get in touch with us and we are already pleased to serve you at any time.
  • 3.Keep e-scooter battery in safe environment
  • It is significant that your e-scooter battery not be exposed to moist cold or direct sunlight for extended periods. Such long exposure can severely reduce battery’s lifespan overtime. Extreme temperature can affect the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, be sure to charge your e-scooter in a dry place free from water vapor.
  • In addition, when storing your electric scooter for a long time without use, cover it with packing materials with fireproof and dustproof lines and then store it in a dry and airy environment indoors. You should also charge it at least once a month to keep the battery percentage be between 50% and 80%.
  • Conclusion
  • All Sunnytimes electric scooters offer the most advanced scooter battery technology. And our e-scooter batteries are mostly made by internationally-known companies such as LG and Samsung, which ensures batteries’ excellent energy density and longevity.
  • If you follow these tips and properly care for your electric scooter battery, it can last for many years. Check out our Shop for the full lineup of electric scooters that will meet your all needs.


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